Project News

Iron Falcon Rules Release 56 -- November 24, 2022: I've had this updated release lying around for a while but never got around to sharing it. In addition to all changes thus far, there are a small handful of unimportant errata corrected in this release. As it's been a while, this is now a new print release! Download

Iron Falcon Rules Release 55 -- August 25, 2021: More discussion with Timothy Fox and others has resulted in this very slightly updated release. It could be a print release candidate, if nobody finds anything else wrong with it. Download

Iron Falcon Rules Release 54 -- August 23, 2021: This release includes additional corrections by new proofreader Timothy Fox. Many thanks to him for his attention to detail! The R53 errata thread can be found here: Download

Iron Falcon Rules Release 53 -- August 12, 2021: Here is the long-awaited Release 53 of the rulebook, which to the best of my knowledge corrects all issues noted to date in the errata thread. Download

Iron Falcon Rules Release 52 -- June 12, 2016: A few page references were added, and the missing text regarding Thief alignment limits has been restored. Download

Iron Falcon Adventures, Release 11 -- March 15, 2016: After beginning a playtest with my regular group, I found a few problems with the Temple of Fear and Madness. This release corrects the problems I've identified so far. Download

Iron Falcon Adventures, Release 10 -- March 08, 2016: This new release includes artwork by John Fredericks and proofing by James Lemon. The book is now functionally complete; the last unfinished rooms in the Temple have been filled in. The credits have been added as well. This is the first print release candidate, though I doubt it will go out exactly like it is now. First live playtest of the Temple of Fear and Madness is this weekend... wish me luck! Download

Iron Falcon Adventures, Release 9 -- March 02, 2016: There are now just two unfinished rooms in the Catacombs and three (I think) in the Trap Level of the Temple, and the whole thing will be done! I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out so far. Download

Iron Falcon Adventures, Release 8 -- March 01, 2016: More rooms done in the Temple. Getting closer... Download

Iron Falcon Adventures, Release 7 -- February 27, 2016: In this release, the upper level of the Temple of Fear and Madness is complete. With any luck, I'll get it done before next weekend (when I plan to playtest it). Download

Iron Falcon Adventures, Release 6 -- February 25, 2016: This new release adds two adventures: The Abandoned Tower, the mini-adventure which originally appeared in The Role-Playing Game Primer and Old School Playbook, and The Temple of Fear and Madness, a new, weird adventure set in the titular temple which sensible characters would avoid. Only the latter adventure is unfinished in this release; when it is finished, and the book proofed, it will be ready to go to print! Download

Iron Falcon Adventures, Release 5 -- May 31, 2015: Some changes have been made following suggestions by Longman. Download

Iron Falcon Adventures, Release 4 -- May 30, 2015: This is the first "complete" release of this combo module, which includes Alan Jett's Dungeon of Kyros (completed by Chris Gonnerman) and the Dragon of Duncaster by Chris Gonnerman and Steve "Longman" McKenzie. Two short but sweet adventures suitable for Iron Falcon and just about any other period-appropriate game or clone thereof. Download

Iron Falcon Rules Release 50 -- May 14, 2015: This release fixes a handful of very minor layout issues, and corrects the numeric ranges in the treasure table to be die rolls instead. Download

Iron Falcon Rules Release 49 -- April 01, 2015: Leonaru found a few errors, listed on the Dragonsfoot forum thread, and I fixed them. This is now the fifth print release candidate. Download

Iron Falcon Rules Release 48 -- March 31, 2015: found an issue with one of my images; so, here's the fourth print release candidate. Please, guys, look this over and let me know if there are any flow issues (headers separated from the following text or table, paragraphs cut off by images or tables, etc.) Download

Iron Falcon Rules Release 47 -- March 30, 2015: One tiny little thing eluded us in the last proofing pass... the table of 1st level Clerical spells did not have the "st" in superscript. So this release fixes that issue. This is the third print release candidate... but is it the last?

Iron Falcon Rules Release 46 -- March 30, 2015: This is the second print release candidate, containing revisions I discovered a need for after my playtest yesterday. Please see the forum threads for details on the changes in this release; they're pretty minor.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 45 -- March 28, 2015: This is the first print release candidate. It includes numerous corrections submitted by James Lemon, as well as a significant correction to the Thief Abilities table pointed out by Peter A. Lindstrom. Also, a few more names are on the credits list.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 44 -- March 26, 2015: More minor stuff. The main change in this release is the Campaign Checklist form in the back.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 43 -- March 25, 2015: Not much changed in this release... a word here and there, a little dab of additional public domain artwork, but mostly just touchups.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 42 -- March 24, 2015: This release includes a number of small changes, and one big one: the rules for Characters with Multiple Classes have been rewritten to be more classic, without the excessive hit point issues previously noticed.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 41 -- March 23, 2015: This release has formatting updates; the character class tables did not have the half-point thick lines or 2/100" padding that pretty much all the other tables have, and thus did not print well at all. There are also numerous small textual changes to the encounter rules inspired by a discussion with Simon J. Bull, whose advice is much appreciated.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 40 -- March 20, 2015: Magic item saving throws, vehicles, and charging (in combat) have all been added to this release, which is now fundamentally complete. There may be more material added in the future, but at this point Phase 4 begins: editing and final layout.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 39 -- March 19, 2015: Overland, waterborne, and airborne movement subsections are completed, as are the Hirelings and Men-At-Arms rules. This makes all but two of the "Definitely Will Be Done" to-do's complete... hopefully in R40, due out tomorrow.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 38 -- March 18, 2015: The random encounters have been moved to the end of the Monsters section, which honestly seems a better fit to me. This made formatting the Adventuring section easier; that section now contains a page of general (and very traditional) rules for dungeoneering as well as the promised overland movement info. I've varied from the original base with respect to movement mainly to make the math much easier. Airborne and waterborne movement will be added in a later release.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 37 -- March 17, 2015: This release adds the Wilderness and City encounters. I ran across some creatures in the process of creating these tables that are still missing from the rules, and added one (the Boar) to the Monsters section. There will be more of those coming in future releases.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 36 -- March 16, 2015: And so the third phase begins. I've added valuation guidelines for gems and jewelry and started on wilderness encounters (including revisions to the NPC Parties section to coordinate with that subsection). There are a few other changes here and there I'm sure I've forgotten.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 35 -- March 15, 2015: Phase 2 is complete, as I have filled in the last of the magic items. This release also includes a few other revisions, including revising the Dragon spell tables (discussed on the Basic Fantasy forum) and moving the starting money rules to their own section (and expanding on them a little bit). This release also contains the beginnings of the Wilderness Encounters rules.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 34 -- March 13, 2015: Miscellaneous magic done down to (but not including) the Scarab of Death. It's looking like I'll wrap up Phase 2 (filling in the blanks) on Sunday, if nothing goes wrong.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 33 -- March 13, 2015: Still more of the miscellaneous magic items are done. I dropped a few more that I believe present potential copyright issues (mainly the books that grant levels of experience).

Iron Falcon Rules Release 32 -- March 12, 2015: More magic items are done (three pages worth, apparently). Closing in on the end of this phase of development.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 31 -- March 11, 2015: I've done a bunch more miscellaneous magic items, and in the process identified a handful of creatures that I still had not included in the Monsters section, so naturally I've filled them in also.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 30 -- March 10, 2015: Monsters are done. I found a couple that I had missed earlier (Mermen and Giant Sea Horses); I may find more in the next phase of the project, but they're done for now. Also detailed a few more magic items and added a discussion of light and vision to the encounter distance rules in the Combat section.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 29 -- March 09, 2015: Monsters done down to Skeletons. Getting closer...

Iron Falcon Rules Release 28 -- March 08, 2015: Monsters are now done down to Phase Spider. Given that I have done a few monsters here and there that are alphabetically later than that, it's reasonable to think I'm around two-thirds done with the monsters.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 27 -- March 07, 2015: Monsters are now done down to Lizard, Giant. I've also added a monster item for Undead giving the general features of that type of monster, and I've linked all the existing Undead monsters to it (so the page number will be listed with all those monster descriptions).

Iron Falcon Rules Release 26 -- March 06, 2015: Monsters now done down to Homunculus, plus a handful of magic items added. I've redone the XP progressions again after a discussion about potential legal issues combined with in-game issues of advancement rates. Hopefully nobody screams too loudly about the changes, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 25 -- March 05, 2015: Monsters are done down to Gray Ooze now, and I got a few more magic items done.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 24 -- March 04, 2015: Monsters are complete down through Goblins. Two pairs of magical boots have been filled in, and I've recalculated the XP charts for the four classes after some reconsideration of their relative advancement rates.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 23 -- March 03, 2015: More monsters done, most notably the Dragons. Also filled in the info for the Bag of Holding, which is a LOT more powerful item than I expected.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 22 -- March 02, 2015: The descriptions of all the wands, staves, and rods are now complete. A few more monsters have been detailed, and a little bit has been added to the Surprise rules.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 21 -- March 01, 2015: Information about spell books has been expanded and moved to the Referee's Guide section. A missing spell description for Silence, 15' Radius has been added, and the magic rings section is complete. Also detailed the Troll and made a couple of other minor changes.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 20 -- February 28, 2015: The Special Weapons descriptions are now complete, a few more monsters have been detailed, and a few things that were problematic have been removed. Also, advice regarding Acquisition of Spells has been added to the Referee's Guide section.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 19 -- February 27, 2015: This release includes a bunch of changes: Some minor enhancements to the NPC Parties section; Descriptive text for some monsters including several of the humanoids as well as Skeletons and Zombies; a small blurb about poison in the combat rules; and a random thing here and there. More commentary credits have been added also.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 18 -- February 26, 2015: This release adds Appendix C: Referee's Guide, containing the material discussed on the forums. Also a few more magic items have been detailed, and a bit of layout adjustment has taken place.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 17 -- February 25, 2015: I've changed several things in this release. A few magic items have been detailed, a few monsters filled in, and in Appendix A I've added a page defining the Paladin. The credits section I mentioned on the forums has been added, though there are presently just two names on the list. If you're eligible and you'd like your name on the list, let me know!

Iron Falcon Rules Release 16 -- February 24, 2015: Not a lot has changed in this release. I've detailed one more monster (Goblins), tweaked the layout, and revised the NPC party guidelines in response to the discussion on Dragonsfoot. Oh, and I've registered a domain name for the project. Now I've spent money on it, I have to finish it.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 15 -- February 23, 2015: I've added descriptions for the giants, including the missing cyclops stats. This release also includes what I hope are final versions of the magic item tables, along with a small smattering of descriptive text. Lastly, I've expanded the initiative subsection a bit.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 14 -- February 22, 2015: Okay, so this release has a lot of changes. I've completed the spells, including making a couple of changes brought about by the discussion on Dragonsfoot. I've also begun integrating the supplement-era magic items; as a first step, I've reworked the tables for generating magic weapons. A few special weapons have been defined, but there is much more to come.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 13 -- February 21, 2015: I've added six pages to the rules; spells are done up to (but not including) Symbol, which is going to need more thinking than my sick and sorry self can handle just now. With luck, I'll get the spells done in the next release or two.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 12 -- February 20, 2015: This release adds rules for monster reactions, and fills in the spells up to Magic Missile.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 11 -- February 19, 2015: Once again, the spells up through H are done, but this time I've remembered the later spells as well. Some updates in the Combat section have been added, mostly in the form of rules for Oil and Holy Water. I reorganized the early sections to fix some flow issues, and to present introductory information in a better order as well. Also threw in some "new" (public domain) artwork that I think works really well.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 11 -- February 19, 2015: I've added a full set of rules for Intelligent Swords in Appendix B, and added descriptions for the Carnivorous Ape and Orcs.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 9 -- February 18, 2015: This release includes my first cut at a set of encounter tables, and rules for NPC encounters.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 8 -- February 17, 2015: Explanations of all of the potions and scrolls have been added; I've also included cursed armor in the armor bonus table. Clerical level titles have been revised for cultural consistency but may get revised a little more yet.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 7 -- February 16, 2015: This release includes full magic item tables, some alternate combat rules, and headers for all the missing spells (and details for a few of them).

Iron Falcon Rules Release 6 -- February 15, 2015: Spells up to the letter H are done, and I've started on the magic item tables in the Treasure section. Plus a couple of formatting adjustments have been made and random bits here and there have been added.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 5 -- February 14, 2015: Spells up to Feeblemind are detailed now, and I've added the healing rules which someone on the forum mentioned; I think I did a little bit of monster work as well.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 4 -- February 13, 2015: This version includes statblocks for all the monsters I intend to include, though the list might still grow or shrink a little.

Iron Falcon Rules Release 3 -- February 11, 2015: This is the first public release of the Iron Falcon Rules for Classic Fantasy Role-Playing.