Subject to the terms of the Open Game License (as it appears in the Iron Falcon rules document) you may create derivative works based upon the Iron Falcon Rules for Classic Fantasy Role-Playing. However, the Open Game License protects the Product Identity such that you must have permission from the copyright holder before you may use any of the listed Product Identity.

You may use certain items of the listed Product Identity under the following conditions:

  1. You must comply fully with the Open Game License, version 1.0a, as described above; and
  2. The work may not be obscene in nature; in general, any work containing subject matter that would qualify for an NC-17 movie rating in the United States, or an R rating due to explicit sexual content, is considered obscene for purposes of this license.

If you comply with the above conditions, you may include the text "Designed for use with the Iron Falcon Rules for Classic Fantasy Role-Playing" or "Designed for use with the Iron Falcon Core Rules," or the following "Iron Falcon Compatible" logo:

Print-Friendly JPEG, 1400x1800, 100% Quality
Web-Friendly JPEG, 300x386, 97% Quality

The logo may be resized as needed, but must not be distorted and may not be altered other than to resize it.

If you wish to use other Iron Falcon Product Identity, you must request and receive explicit permission from the copyright holder.

You may not under any circumstances describe your work as actually being the "Iron Falcon Rules for Classic Fantasy Role-Playing" or any derivative thereof.

It is requested, but not required, that you include the Iron Falcon website URL in your work.